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ACE Credit Program

Managing school and work has never been easier than with KFC's ACE Credit. Earn college credit while completing necessary training for work.

Family Fund

Crisis situations are unavoidable and create stress. Some of that stress can be eliminated by KFC Family Fund, which provides financial assistance to employees in need during these difficult times.


For JRS employees who didn’t graduate from high school, the KFC Foundation’s REACH HIGH - High School Equivalency Program, in partnership with GED Testing Service, is a pathway to achieving their dreams.



401K Eligibility and Match

JRS will match 100% up to first 3% of employee contribution and 50%  for  the next 2% of employee contribution

Flexible Schedules

We believe it's healthy for a good work to life balance. Our managers are willing to work with you to find the best schedule for everyone.


Career Growth

Work your way through the ranks of JRS and build the career you've always dreamed of whether you are managing a single shift, restaurant, or multiple restaurants.


Supplied Uniforms

JRS will supply you the proper hat, shirt and name tag you will need for your first day of work at no extra cost.

Team Member Meals

Caught working through the middle of lunch or dinner? No problem. Enjoy a discounted meal on us while you are on duty (and on break, of course).




Competitive Pay

We value hard working, loyal employees and recognize them when we see them!



Insurance Coverage

JRS offers a variety of insurance plans, including health, dental, vision, and life insurance policies.


A positive work environment is the key to success. Going the extra mile to provide an outstanding customer experience means you deserve to be set apart from the rest.

Orientation Pay

Get paid while you learn! Start earning your pay the day you begin your training with JRS.


Whether its your birthday month, anniversary with our company or some other special occasion, we want to be the first to celebrate with you and your fellow team members!

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